Kokonaut Weather Sensors – Makers Edition

The Kokonaut Weather Sensor with Case

One thing customers worry about when deciding whether they should buy a Smart Device is whether or not it will work 3 years from now. As we have seen over the past few years, when a Smart Device is “sunsetted” or discontinued, so does its functionality. It’s like an extreme form of Planned Obsolescence and it is a problem with many consumer products these days.

Kokonaut Weather Sensors itself is hackable. Meaning you can program the device yourself if you wanted to. If I ever stopped running the servers, the device will still be functional as long as you know how to program. This is because the Hardware runs on an Open Source platform, but also because I designed the electronics in a way where it’s easy to swap out the components. For example, you can swap out the NodeMCU and replace it with a different one. Or you can swap out the DHT11 and replace it with the DHT22.

Along with the Home and Garden Sensor, I am releasing a Makers Edition that doesn’t include any of the proprietary code embedded into the device. It’s for people who want full control of their backend and data. It’s also for programmers or students who want to get into the world of Hardware but rather not touch a breadboard just yet.

For $28.99 you will get the Electronics, Case, and a USB Cable. You can reserve one here.

You can track the progress of the device on Instagram.

The Kokonaut Weather Sensor Electronics

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