Kokonaut Messenger – Technologies Used

Some updates on the Messenger.

It is now named Kokonaut Messenger because TeamChat was taken by someone else. I have updated the landing page (still in construction though). It’s at: Kokonaut.com.

I wanted to share some technical details about the technologies used to build this Version of the Messenger. It might shed some light on how some of your favourite apps are created. Let’s begin!


The Stack

Kokonaut Messenger runs on the following:

  • JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS
  • Rails, Titanium, jQuery
  • Git, Amazon AWS

The Front and Back End

Applications usually have a Front and a Back End portion to it. The way to think of it is where the code and data processing resides. The Back End resides on the Server, whereas the Front End resides on the users machine. When it comes to Front and Back End, different technologies and skillsets need to be applied. The Front End is largely about dealing with User Interaction so things need to look neat & pretty (and fast). The job with the front end is usually retrieving data from the back end and placing it neatly on the Screen. The Back End is largely about retrieving data from the Database and returning it to the Front End. The magic is the protocol HTTP. It’s this thing that sends data down the pipe from the Servers in some DataFarm in Virginia all the way to your Computer.

Kokonaut Messenger uses HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for Front End. The Back End is written in Ruby.

The Framework

Language, the expressive mix of commands that dictate instructions to the Machine. Sometimes, people wrap a particular language into more specific components and create something called a Framework. Frameworks are usually a packaged suite that helps decrease developer time by playing a specific role in the application. For example, modern day applications require applications to be written in both iOS and Android devices, but that would require a developer to write code in Java, and Obj-C/Swift. Frameworks provide an option for developers to have one codebase that works on both platforms. However, to every pro there is a con. Always

Kokonaut Messenger uses Rails, jQuery, and Titanium Frameworks

The Electricity

In the past, running this shop would require some upfront capital for some heavy infrastructure. Servers, Bandwidth, ft’s of Ethernet Cables. Nowadays that stuff can be hosted online. There are many. Engine Yard, Google AppEngine, Heroku. Personally, I feel at home using Amazon EC2 since it gives me a Virtualized Server of my own.

Kokonaut Messenger uses Amazon AWS for Hosting


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