TeamChat Progress Report

Where the App is at

So far progress has been good. The desktop web app has been completed and aside for a few bugs and some refactoring it can be deployed as an Alpha release. On the Mobile side, the story is a little different. The prototype for the Mobile version was built using PhoneGap. Unfortunately, the user experience is really bad and should not be deployed and also the amount of bugs that need to be fixed is a waste of time compared to completing it and then building out a Native app. Fortunately, I recently spent some time building out another app for a client using Titanium Appcelerator and have experience building cross platform native apps with it.


The following are screen grabs of the current work that is being done on the mobile end. It is functional and working!

Photo 2013-11-25 9 35 33 PM Photo 2013-11-25 10 12 19 PM Photo 2013-11-26 1 49 15 AMPhoto 2013-11-25 10 12 27 PMPhoto 2013-11-26 1 54 00 AM

The Direction From Here

If you like what you see, head on over to and Sign Up. The Alpha release date for those who have signed up is January 31st, 2014.

About TeamChat

TeamChat is a Mobile Messaging Service Built for Teams. If you work collaboratively in a Organization, then TeamChat was built for you. It’s primary focus is to enable groups to communicate and effectively collaborate together wherever they are in the world. Only the people in your team are on your list of contacts so the service is a private affair unlike the other commercial messaging services that are available. The application is modelled after an office environment so it aims to serve as an organizations Virtual Office. You can send private messages to another team member. Or you can create Virtual Meeting Rooms which has an open door policy that allows everyone on the Team see the previous messages or leave new ones. Last but not least, you can save, share, and access files or website links in the integrated cloud storage service.


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