What Programming Language Should I Learn?

A friend asked me this question the other day and I was discussing this with my colleague today.

The answer is: Learn Javascript.

It’s easy to get started, it can be used to build applications on any device, and most importantly it’s leading the way as the choice of language for the next generation frameworks and applications.


For Mobile – If you’re looking to build on Mobile you can leverage Javascript + HTML5 + CSS3 + Phonegap/Sencha/Titanium Frameworks to build native applications.

For the Web – If you’re looking to build Desktop Web Apps, again look no further than Javascript + HTML5 + CSS3.

For the Server – If you’re looking to build the back end look no further than NodeJS and the frameworks thats built on top of it.

True that the NodeJS frameworks are not yet mature enough compared to the mature frameworks such as Rails and PHP.  Also true that it doesn’t have an established community online such as Stack Overflow where you can find answers quickly. Lastly true that the Mobile Frameworks do lack the native look and feel (except for Titanium) that Obj-C and Java can provide. But I think for anyone who wants to get started, Javascript is the way to go… unless you want to build apps for Windows then maybe pick up a book on ASP or something :p.


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