Apple, Google, Samsung on the Smart Watch Race


Stories are great at capturing our attention and imagination. And there is never a shortage of great stories. One of the interesting stories coming from the Tech Industry in recent times is the war between Apple, Samsung, and Google. Here are three entrenched players in the Mobile Communications Business. The Computing and Telecommunications industry has always been at the bleeding edge of technology. Its what drives our world and it is the go to method of delivery for all the news and information in our world. And now, these players are seeking to establish a foothold on the next generation of technology.

We are about to see a Smackdown. And it’s coming to you in the form of a watch.

There have been attempts at creating a watch that spoke to our cellphones from other companies in the past. But never from the Big 3 – Apple, Samsung, and Google. These three companies are currently dominating the mobile phone market and are about to release a watch that can access (lightweight ) information from our Mobile Phones (ie. messages, time, emails, maybe even calls, etc…).

We are in the golden age of Ubiquitous Communication. And it’s uncharted territory. It has long been hailed that Samsung and Google copied much of Apples execution in Mobile. Google doesn’t have much experience releasing hardware products compared to Samsung and Apple. And Samsungs Mobile devices are just a combination of Googles Android OS and Apples hardware design. The Smart Watch will show us the vision each of these companies has for the future of this industry. My guess is that Apple will be in the lead. The Ipod Nano Version 6 was a Smart Watch even though it wasn’t designed as a Smart Watch! (It also was Kickstarters #1 highest funded project at the time and this was 3 years ago!). Also, this watch is going to be a delicate marriage of very tiny hardware, and very nimble software. Google should be ok. They have glass, which in my mind is a technology that should be released after a smart watch. But it is a good research project to help them understand what it takes to build a product with such a small footprint and how we would interact with it in our daily lives. Samsung also has experience in creating a Smart Watch in the past but I would consider them the laggard because their software division isn’t as competitive vs. Apples or Googles.

The current market for Smart Watches is small, but there is a definite demand for it. It will be an interesting next few months for sure.


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