Leaving the lab…

I officially started the lab on June 1st, 2012 in Vancouver (shout outs to Mark!). Kokonaut Industries has always been a front for my endeavours. In High School it was a T-shirt thing. In college it was my front as a DJ. Now as part of my career, it’s a serious lab that cranks out tools that make it easier for everyone of us to do get our job done. I’ll show you what I mean in the next video and yea it’s vague cuz it’s still so early!

Anyways, it’s another end of an era. I’m moving out of this amazing place tomorrow. It’s been a great home for me for the last year and a half (wow time flies!). The development that went into KokoWare has been insane thanks to this place and this view


The thing I’ll miss most is the view. Other than that I’m going to miss the location. This part of Toronto has a very charming character. While living here, my usual routine would be to head down the street to the Martial Arts Academy. It’s next to what used to be a very seedy area full of prostitutes and shit. The city revamped the place and now it’s Toronto’s Time Square. It’s also next to LGBT Town, 4 out of the 8 or so Major Hospitals, Yorkville (the Soho of New York), and the University of Toronto where I had my first job as a Full-Time Programmer lool (good times there!). I had lived at Beverly and Dundas for a few years and that was a really awesome location too! It was next to Chinatown, Little Italy, The Art Gallery, and the University of Toronto (it’s on the opposite side of where I’m living at right now lol!).

Where to next? I have no idea. Well I do, it’s going to be my parents basement for now until I figure out where I want to go next. For sure in Toronto it’s going to be Yonge and Sheppard/Finch but I wanna go someplace warm to escape this cold winter first. You gotta travel man, being stuck in one place for too long is bad for the heart :p. I’m thinking Sao Paolo but I don’t know anyone there. The only places I have friends are Hong Kong and Philippines. Maybe I should head to Sao Paolo and hope for the best?

Anyways I’m off,


Before I go… HAPPY NEW YEARS! 2013 PEOPLE!


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