For Developers: Looking for that dream job



Looking for that ideal job is tedious but if you look using the right criteria, that job will fall gently on your lap just like that.

Here are a couple I’m brainstorming right now that I’ll be using for that next gig.

#1. Type of projects they do. Do they build huge crud applications, or do they build apps that have a foot in mobile or tablets? What do I want to do? Do I want to be challenged and be on the cutting edge, or do I want to tighten up my software design skills? If it doesn’t seem like the projects they work on is fun then you’ll probably want to ask why?

#2. The employees who work there. It’s almost a definite to say that co-worker relationship is the #1 reason why someone would stay at a place (culture being #2). I don’t think you can generally know if you’ll get along with co-workers until you actually start working with them. I would definitely suggest a short-term employment contract to see the comfort level you can reach with everyone there.

#3. The relationships with seniors. Being an employee is like school. There’s always someone asking you to complete a task. Instead of getting grades, you get paid. When looking for a job, I’m looking to work for someone who’s like Mr. Tirone or Dyshoorn (my Drama and Physics teachers in HS). I have fun and am eager to be at work when people there are cool.

#4. The tools they use. Do they use Trello? Github? Do they perform tests? Scoring them using the Joel Test is a good start but don’t stop there. The tools they use tell a lot about the place. It could be a warning sign that the boss is a little too much of a micro-manager or it could mean there’s a lot of room for trial and error.

#5. Money. Probably the most important one because at the end of the day you need to eat,stay warm, be dry, clean and happy


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